Bankstone’s charity fundraiser Monkey Monopoly (once round Yorkshire on a fleet of half a dozen 90cc monkey bikes) is set to be televised. Channel M’s The Biker Show will be on hand on the 8 July to film the flotilla as it traces a route that has now grown to 450 miles following last minute route changes to take in faster roads.

Biker Show presenter Natalie Quirk has even volunteered to ride one of the legs herself. And in a bid to capture the event from a first hand perspective Bankstone director Andy Jones is steeling himself for the prospect of having a camera attached directly to his helmet!

Our photo shows some of the Monkey Monopoly riders in a practice session at the Leeds Bradford airport headquarters of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service, when the Biker Show’s cameras last visited the team, along with those of Calendar TV, the local BBC channel.

For further details on the Biker Show click here

Popular TV show the Monkies

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