Protecote is an amazing new paint sealant treatment for bikes from Bankstone. Bikers are more and more aware of how acid rain, birdlime, pollution and general crud off the roads can affect a bike’s appearance and value. Protecote puts a lasting shine on all your paintwork, without the need to polish. It creates a diamond-hard elastic skin that is totally watertight, airtight and invisible to the naked eye. But it is only available through dealers for application in their workshops. So if you want to protect you bike with Protecote, you’ll have to ask your dealer for it directly.

A number of UK dealers are already offering Protecote either as part of welcome pack for new customers or as a standalone sale when selling a bike. There is a choice of two products, single-stage Protecote with a three-year guarantee or a high performance two-stage Protecote with a six-year guarantee which includes a comprehensive aftercare kit in a branded bum bag containing shampoo, conserver, leather feed, earplugs, visor clear, chamois and micro-fibre cloth.

Protecote certifies paintwork against fading, oxidisation, insect fluid, tree sap, atmospheric pollution oracid rain. While a normal polish last only months, Protecote means no more polishing for the lifetime of the guarantee, as long as you follow a few basic maintenance guidelines. Developed and improved over a thirty year period and approved by many of the leading motor manufacturers, Protecote is the hassle-free product bikers have been waiting for. So, if your dealer doesn’t already offer Protecote, you might want to ask them why!


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