A press release from EurotaxGlass’s, publisher of Glass’s Guide to Used Motorcycles, claims shockingly that transaction prices for used motorcycles have fallen as retailers mount promotions aimed at offloading unwanted bikes.

Dealers are apparently dropping prices to make space in their showrooms for more saleable models and to release cash tied up in used bikes whose model type, style, or condition makes them less desirable. Glass’s Guide editor Randal Thomas commented: “Our sources within the trade indicate that large capacity supersports machines have been impacted most heavily, with dealers offering them at highly discounted rates to encourage sales.” He went on to say that “retailers are being particularly cautious as we enter a period of shorter days and the winter chill begins to bite. Cash-flow invariably turns negative and already tight resources are being put under the greatest pressure.” However, he concludes, “some of the machines retailers currently feel obliged to clear will be happily taken back into stock once the new season gets a little closer.” Where will it all end?


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