Insurers are chuffed, says Insurance Times. Government plans to criminalise owners of uninsured vehicles are going down a storm.

“Uninsured drivers thought themselves above the law,” says tough-talking Zurich direct boss Mike Quinton. “This needs to stop, and stop now.” Government plans to seize and crush uninsured vehicles should see to that. That and fining their outlaw owners! A  blight’ is what Quinton calls the uninsured. AA Insurance director Simon Douglas agrees. “They add £30 to every honest driver’s premium,” he says, welcoming the crackdown on “this scourge of British motorists.” The insurance industry, he adds, is “well geared up” to get renewals sorted pronto so customers aren’t “landed with an automatic £100 penalty for failing to insure their vehicle.”

Driving uninsured now gets law-breakers “a fine of up to £5,000 and six to eight penalty points,” he notes with satisfaction, with police empowered to “confiscate and dispose of uninsured vehicles.” He’s happy to go easy on those “away from home or in hospital when their existing policy expires” though, and wraps up saying “the industry needs to work with Government to ensure the Motor Insurance Database holds the right information at the right time ‚ so that, for example, law-abiding motorists are not wrongly accused of being without insurance, especially if they change insurers.” You can’t say fairer than that.


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