Curious residents of North West coastal resort Seascale gathered this morning around a bloated two-metre long carcass washed up by the wintry surf.

Local children prodded gingerly with driftwood at the massively distended form, until amateur marine biologist Malcolm Carstairs warned any disturbance might unleash a noxious torrent of fish guts and foul air from the swollen innards of what he immediately recognised a rare northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus). His warning, tragically, came too late for them.

Oh sorry, wrong story. Bluefin Insurance Services has acquired Windermere-based Lakeland Insurance Services which specialises in guesthouse insurance. “The Lakeland team presented an ideal strategic fit with Bluefin’s business and people,” Stuart Reid, chief executive of Bluefin Insurance told Insurance Age. “We are pleased to welcome them and their clients under the Bluefin banner as we pursue our ambitious plans to grow the business while maintaining a face-to-face approach in local markets.”


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