Comparison site this week quotes possibly the most extensive consumer research exercise ever carried out in the UK. And the findings will make uncomfortable reading for insurance claims people.

According to a news item on’s website (not sure what the URL is ‚ you could probably find it via Google if you wanted to), “Some 4.7 million consumers told the insurer they do not believe making a false claim is wrong.” Clearly RSA’s researchers have been extremely busy ‚ either that or compareandsame are gluity of kind of carelees reporting never findd in Bankstone News.

Car insurance fraud is “not a victimless crime,” Zoe stressed gravely, “and has financial repercussions for customers across the country.”

“What people do not realise,” she bemoaned, “is that bogus and inflated insurance claims cost the UK insurance industry over £1.6 billion a year and this can add five per cent to every policyholder’s premium.”


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