As we move into the peak season for motor insurance purchases and renewals, the latest opinion on the  are cash strapped Brits cutting back on car cover’ debate comes from young at heart insurer Saga.

Its researchers have uncovered the disturbing news that 27% of motorists are taking steps to reduce the cost of their policies ‚ “whilst ensuring they are legally covered” the insurer adds diplomatically.

Falling into the US-led misconception that savvy must be an adjective because it ends in y, the insurer claims that almost one in ten “money-savvy motorists” have increased their voluntary excess to reduce their premium. Though this savvy may seem less impressive should they actually need to make a claim, if you savvy what I mean!

A similar percentage, or so the Saga survey claims, have switched to something with a smaller engine, thus showing more savvy still by slashing fuel bills as well as insurance costs.

To get this good takes A GAS!


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