Moral degeneracy continues to abound. According to new research carried out for comparison site, one in five UK motorists has broken the law by driving uninsured. Half of those questioned admitted only to driving someone else’s vehicle without proper cover, while one in ten said they had driven their own vehicle uninsured.

So who exactly are these bad apples who are spoiling it for everyone else? Men, it seems, are almost twice as likely to drive uninsured as women ‚ young men in particular. Forty two per cent of those in their twenties fessed up, compared with a mere 7% of sexagenarians. Motorists in London and the Southwest emerge as the most likely to offend or at least to confess.

Moneysupermarket insurance director Andy Leadbetter detects a worrying trend: “This year’s results reveal a worrying trend,” he says. “In 2008 we found 15 per cent of motorists admitting to the offence. So 2009 has seen an unfortunate increase.”

“Driving without insurance,” he warns, “no matter how far the distance, is against the law. Anyone caught doing so could face hefty penalties which include a £200 on-the-spot fine and six points on their licence. There’s also the possibility of the car being impounded – involving a £150 collection charge and £20 per day charged for storage. If Brits are forgoing their motor insurance for cost reasons it clearly is a false economy.”

So busy times ahead for ULR, then.


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