The average UK car-owner spends £31 a month on motor insurance. But, according to the ever-industrious PR department at Saga, 27 per cent of motorists have taken steps to reduce the cost of their policy whilst ensuring they are still legally covered.

In-depth research hot off the press from the oldies’ insurer claims that almost one in ten drivers (2.7 million of them) have increased their voluntary excess in order to reduce their monthly premium.

Another 8 per cent have downsized to a car with a smaller engine, “enabling them to lower their monthly insurance bill as well as reducing their petrol and tax costs.” While a staggering 4 per cent have removed named drivers from their policies.

Bankstone News readers will doubtless be astonished to learn that wrinklies are no strangers to thrift. “Although average monthly car insurance spend for over 50s is around £10 per month lower than those aged under 50,” Saga exposits, “exactly the same proportion of over 50s are taking steps to cut their motoring premiums as the younger generation.”

More disturbingly, says Saga, one in twenty drivers has removed optional extras from their insurance, such as breakdown cover or legal expenses. But this of course could be a false economy, blah, blah, blah ‚ here comes the sales pitch.

Aptly named Saga boss Andrew Goodsell has his sights set on the 73% of drivers who have done nothing to cut their premium costs ‚ or at least those of them who grew up watching black and white TV.
“Many more people,” he opines with unimpeachable sagacity, “could be taking some simple steps to reduce the cost of their car insurance.”

Conscious of the waning mental faculties of his target demographic Andrew is gently solicitous: “Remembering to update your car insurance policy as your needs change can help save money on monthly premiums at a time when many people are looking to reign in their spending. However it’s important to ensure the quality of the cover isn’t compromised and the policy still meets all your needs.”

I think that’s enough, don’t you?

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