What a bunch of chancers those bloomin’ insurance fraudsters are!

The ABI’s latest update on the fraud-plague sweeping the land includes the following outrageous examples.

One miscreant claimed his car had been stolen following a mugging. But “investigations revealed that he had actually sold the car to a friend.” Nice try, Sunshine!

Some other bloke got sent down after his motor was reported stolen and recovered burnt out. “It transpired, however, that the vehicle had been set alight before the policyholder reported it stolen.” Dear, oh dear, oh dear!

He’ll repent that one at his leisure‚ at Her Majesty’s pleasure!

Or what about this one: some dodgy old bint claimed for a lost engagement ring. “Not covered outside the home,” said her household insurer. So she only went and extended her cover and tried again the following day!

Do they think we were born yesterday?

What a shower!


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