“Helphire is not married to the credit hire model,” the company’s new CEO Mark Adams told Post Magazine in February this year. Nor, as it turns out, was Mark Adams married to Helphire.

The man brought in to take Helphire to the “third stage” in its development has now left the company.

Reportedly desperate to secure additional funding to restructure the business and renegotiate credit terms with its lenders, Helphire has lost three non-execs and a chief exec this year.

Commenting, in the most recent press release on the Helphire website (just to the left of a banner ad asking Looking for a new car? Check out Helphire’s ex-fleet vehicles), Mark Adams had this to say:

“I am delighted that Helphire ‚ through our fantastic team of volunteers – is able to offer its support to this great cause and help to raise much needed funds for Comic Relief. I know everyone involved is really looking forward to the evening’s activities and the prospect of taking many, many pledges from the public!”

True, the firm made its intentions clear in its press release of 9 February  Helphire Group plc to reduce head count,’ but starting at the top seems a little extreme.

The last words are perhaps best left to Mr Adams himself: “I had no preconceived ideas about Helphire. Credit hire wasn’t an industry I was familiar with.”

Well, now it is.

Readers with time on their hands may like to try their hand at a topical quiz: https://www.helphiregroupjobs.co.uk/current_vacancies/quiz/


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