Bankstone News is heartened to learn that our local police force is cracking down on key road safety issues such as the inability to see.

In their latest day of action West Yorkshire Police have been targeting the threat posed by the visually challenged.

In a two-day multi-agency initiative in the Almondbury and Newsome areas of Huddersfield on Monday 20 April police stopped a large number of vehicles for eyesight spot checks.

Sergeant Rachael Bairstow of the Huddersfield South Neighbourhood Policing Team commented: “Out of the 89 vehicles which were stopped, all thankfully passed the test.” Presumably their drivers did OK as well.

“Although a regular part of day-to-day roads policing,” Bairstow continued, “the eyesight test was a new aspect of the  Focus’ operations in Kirklees and enabled us to stop a large quantity of motorist (sic) in one day.

“The test was simply to check whether the drivers who were stopped were able to see a registration at the required distance.

“We felt it was important to introduce this test, as not being able to see correctly can often be a contributory factor to an accident.

“In doing this, we really want to send out a message to other motorists that if you require glasses or contact lenses for driving make sure you use them. We will take the appropriate action against those who don’t.”

All very reassuring. Now where did I put my glasses?

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