Bennetts, the babe and motorcycle insurance specialist, has launched a new advertising campaign which, it claims, takes account of the fact that different people ride different types of motorcycle.

The ‘Whatever You Ride’ campaign aims to reach “bikers who ride motorbikes of all shapes and sizes,” with each ad featuring two very bikers with the suggestion that such differences need not present any obstacle to their all approaching Bennetts with a view to purchasing insurance.

Early executions of the ad include ‘From Hell’s Angels to Daddy’s Angels’ (pictured) and ‘From Naked to Fully Dressed’ (not pictured for reasons of taste and decency).

Bennetts bloke Paul Galligan explains: “We went through a complete creative review earlier this year.” This has resulted in a new ad agency being appointed, a new-look website, which Bennetts claim is better than the old one, and these new ads, ditto, presumably.

“At a time when people across the UK are watching every penny,” Galligan continued in a statement mixing measurements of currency and distance in an interesting way, “we at Bennetts are going that extra mile to ensure bikers get the best insurance deals.”

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