With Monkey Movie Madness now less than two months away, Bankstone’s charity fundraiser in chief Dickon Tysoe is appealing for help sourcing the costumes and props the 16 monkey bikers so far signed up will need to re-enact scenes from famous films shot in Yorkshire.

What are Bankstone looking for?

Brassed Off‚ miner’s outfits including hats and brass instruments
Calendar Girls‚ naked lady suits as used in Little Britain and sunflowers
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves‚ outfits for Robin Hood, Little John and Friar Tuck
The Way to the Stars‚ RAF Battle of Britain type flying outfits, goggles and false moustaches
All Creatures Great and Small‚ vet’s overalls, inflatable sheep etc.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone‚ wizard robes, hats and wands
Dracula‚ Dracula robes with fangs
Little Voice‚ cheesy tuxedos and microphone on stand
Brideshead Revisited‚ striped blazer, straw boater and teddy bear
The Damned United‚ Leeds United football strip ‚ preferably vintage

Dickon Tysoe comments: “We would rather not hire costumes and props because we want to maximise the amount we raise. So if you have‚ or can get your hands on any of the costumes listed above please let me know. We will take good care of them as they will be carried in the support vehicles and only put on for the photos.”

If you would like to support charity monkeybiking and raise money for the life-saving work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service, visit justgiving.com/monkeymoviestars and donate generously.


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