A partnership between technology firm Tracker and the ACPO’s Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service codenamed Operation Semita allows police to detect Tracker-fitted stolen vehicles.

Tracker then sends teams in to recover the vehicles, splitting the proceeds with insurers.

Detective chief inspector Mark Hooper comments: “Semita has helped insurers recover not only stolen vehicles fitted with tracking devices, but also associated vehicles discovered at the time or as a result of subsequent inquiries.”

Around one million UK vehicles have been fitted with Tracker devices, but in many cases their owners are not even aware of the fact. Tracker MD Bill Raynal said the technology would save insurers millions of pounds by targeting precisely these vehicles.

Whilst Raynal claims “Feedback from the UK insurance industry has been extremely positive,” not altogether surprisingly some insurers are less than enamoured with Semita, being of the view that they alone should profit from the sale of recovered vehicles.

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