Consternation reigned at the recent BIBA conference in Manchester when brokers Heath Lambert unveiled their latest slogan. Big Enough to Deliver and Small Enough to Care, their stand graphics proudly proclaimed.

Reassuring as conference delegates must have found the idea that a commercial organisation of moderate size might actually give a damn, representatives of insurer Groupama smelled a rat. Hadn’t they been using almost exactly the same slogan since 2005?

Cue red faces, wrangling, and, no doubt, eventual humiliating climb down by Heath, who clearly haven’t looked at the insurance papers much in recent years. Though Groupama weren’t being all that original themselves: Air Cargo Portugal have been “Small enough to care – large enough to deliver” since 1990.

Even within the insurance industry, being “small enough” is far from being the unique preserve of the tidily proportioned Groupama. Other self-declaredly small-enough organisations include Beacon Insurance, Henderson Insurance Brokers, DMKC Insurance, Oxley Insurance Brokers, PRS Insurance, Turnbull Whittaker Insurance and Waveney Insurance.

And then there’s National Australia Communications, FTC Transportation, HBA Accounting, Surecare Residential Nursing, Advance Thermal, Abela Airline Catering, Jessups, Bikes UK, Belmont Homes, Cirecncster Friendly Society, Daw Computers, Oklahoma’s Plainview Public School, Cranetech – the list goes on and on.

And without boring you with the details ‚ and despite all those unsolicited emails suggesting otherwise‚ it turns out there’s quite of bit of being-big-enough-ness around too.

But frankly anything that carries even the suggestion that caring might be a problem is not exactly the strongest of grounds on which to base an advertising slogan. Let the wrangling continue‚ Bankstone News is too big to care.

Anyone who does care can check out the relevant websites which can be found at Heath and Groupama, we think…


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