The newspapers’ latest tip for would-be villains ‚ sparked by the ever-inventive PR department at‚ is that there could be loads of stuff worth nicking in the back of Britain’s motor cars.

According to “latest research from price comparison website,” Brits (that’s the UK public, not a bunch of Swedish ladies) “collectively store” billions of pounds worth of goods in their car boots.

Despite Britons spending £400m a year of self-storage with the likes of Big Yellow and the people with cod-lighthouses stuck on the side of their sheds, 2.8 million drivers claim they keep goods worth £400 or more in the boots of their cars, with over 7 million storing at least half that value trunkwise.

Around a third of motorists in London use their vehicles as storage space “due to the lack of room in their properties.” Three-quarters of those interviewed claim they regularly leave valuables in their cars through forgetfulness.

Confused Will Thomas is taking a morally neutral stance on car valuables storage. Motorists should claim for stolen items on their home contents insurance, he says, “as car insurance only typically covers belongings up to the value of £250.”

Either that or‚ just a suggestion‚ they could make a bit more space in their homes by taking some of that old clobber down the car boot sale.


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