UK fans have long been waiting for the latest news from crotch-grabbing pop legend “Lord Justice” Jackson.

Since being asked earlier this year to report on the world of civil litigation, Jackson has been workin’ day and night to determine who (or what)’s bad in the arena of claims.

Jackson appears to accept that so-called CFAs are human nature and have perhaps got to be there, but believes the level of success fees and claimants’ ability to recover them from defendants may be dangerous.

He goes so far as to suggest that the “loser pays” principle should be made history in the personal injury claims arena, proposing instead something called “one-way cost shifting” which apparently involves moving backwards whilst appearing to move forwards.

Jackson likes the US system of deducting lawyers’ fees from clients’ damages, and is also keen on fixed costs for cases worth up to £25,000, and on raising the threshold for cases dealt with via the small claims route (i.e. without a lawyer’s involvement) from £1,000 to £5.000.

He also suggests moving away from ATE and making Before the Event (PYT) insurance cover mandatory for motor policies.

Jacko may wanna be starting something‚ but will his off the wall ideas make it into black or white‚ or will he be told to beat it?

Don’t expect a sensible answer from Bankstone News.

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