As regular readers will know (see many previous stories), the weekend of 11-12th July sees Bankstone’s flotilla of monkey bikes touring Yorkshire’s famous film locations to raise money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Part of the fun will be recreating scenes from the famous films in question. We have some of the costumes lined up already‚ but urgently need more. Can you (yes you!) help with any of the following:

Miners: Hard hat, lamp and boiler suit
Brass instruments: These will only be taken from their cases for the photo.
Naked lady suit: We may have to buy one but we have a wig!
Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck: You have all seen these on TV and know what we need ‚ please provide a complete outfit including weapons if possible. We have one plastic knife so far!
RAF Uniform: This film was set in WWII so any military uniforms from this era would be great.
Inflatable sheep: We have already been promised vet and vet nurses outfits.
Harry Potter: Robes and wands, we have already been promised a broomstick!
Night club singer: Cheesy tuxedos and a microphone on a stand
Dracula: Black robes and fangs.
Brideshead: Blazers (striped if possible), trousers, straw boaters and a teddy bear.
Leeds United: shirts and shorts.

All offers of assistance gratefully received. Please contact Dickon Tysoe ([email protected])


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