Bankstone News has long suspected that bikers are nobler in spirit than your average punter. Such is their indifference to self-interest, in fact, that‚ according to a survey from motorcycle insurance broker Devitt‚ only 55% of bikers would like to see road tax abolished for motorcyclists.

This self-denial makes an edifying and inspiring contrast to the shameful 100% of Bankstone News editors who would like to see all taxes abolished for Bankstone News editors.

But it doesn’t stop there. Only 19% of 1000 bikers quizzed by Devitt thought it would be a good idea for the Government to offer tax breaks to make motorcycles more affordable. And a mere 17% liked the sound of free parking for bikes.

At this point bikers’ selflessness seemed to be stretching the bounds of the plausible. Had Devitt, perhaps been posing its questions before the bikers in question had removed their helmets and switched off their engines?

Lugubrious sartorialist Jack Dee used to do a routine about being pulled over by a cop while driving in the bus lane. “Are you a bus?” the officer enquires archly. To which the dour one responds: “You haven’t been in Traffic long, have you?” Little chance of such scenarios arising among the two-wheeled fraternity, one suspects, what with only a quarter of bikers believing they should be allowed in bus lanes.

Prompted, no doubt, by almost equally unselfish motives (concern for the environment, desire to reduce CO2 emissions, that sort of thing), Devitt is promoting a  Keep Britain Biking’ campaign to persuade the government to introduce financial incentives to motivate Britain to carry on biking.

Despite the prevailing indifference shown by those quizzed in its own survey, the firm doggedly maintains that 90% of its customers want to be bribed to keep biking.

Hmmm… what about free bike insurance provided direct by the Government‚ maybe that would help.


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