Just months after being deemed surplus to requirements at beleaguered fleet owner Helphire, Chris Chatterton has been drafted back as group sales director.

The return of Chatterton, who was previously managing director of Helphire UK and Angel Assistance, has prompted a rash of speculation.

Sadly, Bankstone News has nothing in the way of fact with which to anoint said rash and thereby soothe the irritation. Some things never change.

According to the official blurb, Chatterton will be responsible for sales and business development within all of Helphire Group’s entities including, Helphire UK, Albany Assistance, Helphire Automotive Division, Total Accident Management, Cab Aid, E-claim and Fleet Legal.

Martin Ward, Group Managing Director, said: I very much look forward to working closely with Chris as we forge ahead with our programme of recovery. Chris’ appointment to Group Sales Director is designed to maximise the Group’s presence in all of its markets and ensure that there is no conflict between channels.”

Perhaps amidst all that right-sizing, they’d forgotten the need to do some selling. Maybe it’s a knowing where the bodies are buried’ thing. Maybe they just missed having him around. Fruitless‚ and indeed potentially libellous‚ to speculate. So we won’t.

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