Bankstone’s Dickon Tysoe was interviewed on Radio Leeds this Monday afternoon.

Appearing alongside The Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s Nicky deWhytell, Dickon regaled listeners memorably with tales of stout-hearted men on pitifully scaled motorcycles riding in formation, dressing up in silly costumes, and generally hooning about (see countless previous news stories).

But did Dickon really laugh continuously for 48 hours, as he appeared to claim on air? Members of the advance party who spent over an hour with an increasingly tense Mr Tysoe in the car park at Aysgarth Falls awaiting the AWOL radio-silent main body of riders may suspect otherwise. As may anyone who has ever had the dire misfortune – as Dickon did on Saturday night – of staying in the Scarborough “Grand” Hotel.

If anyone who would like to sample more of Mr Tysoe’s Munchhausenesque tales of how 15, no 18 or 19, no nearly 20, brave men rode round Yorkshire for charity, an MP3 recording is available on request. But beware there’s a (mercifully) brief snatch of Ronan Keating at the beginning…

Contrary to any misleading impression (“this crazy man,” “these crazy people” etc. etc.) created by said recording, Bankstone News would like to stress that Mr Tysoe – and indeed everyone else involved in Monkey Moviestars 2009 – is in fact perfectly sane. As his release papers clearly state, his cure was a complete success.


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