For as long as Bankstone News can remember, no insurance industry event has been complete without a session asking aloud how we can persuade people – graduates, attractive members of the opposite sex, etc – that insurance is sexy.

The traditional vision of risk-obsessed men in grey suits has consistently failed to set pulses racing. But could it be the world is finally waking up to the intoxicatingly intense sensuality that lurks beneath the colourless façade?

The Times reports this week that 20 out of 85 City of London Business Traineeship programme participants this year have opted to work at a Lloyd’s insurance company.

Interpreting this as a “surge of interest in insurance,” the paper expresses rhetorically patronising amazement: “Who would have thought traditionally dull old insurance would be such a draw?”

So there you have it: at least 20 people have actually chosen to work in insurance this year. Sounds pretty conclusive to us.

The Bankstone News spycams are now intently trained on the Lloyd’s Building’s glass-sided lifts to capture the steamy explosion of libidinous exuberance that will inevitably ensue.

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