Yet more training news from Bankstone this week. We’ll think of something else to talk about soon.

In fact, speaking of which, while we’re on the subject, at this very moment Bankstone’s top tier management team are wallowing round the circuit at Daytona Milton Keynes like Mario Kart on barbiturates – so we’ll be bringing you a blow by blow report next week on their inevitable triumph in the brutal carnage that is… Insurance Endurance.

Where were we? Ah, yes: training.

The latest batch of eager hopefuls from the Bankstone labour pool vying for the ultimate accolade that is a CII qualification – under the vigilant oversight of Park Lane College – include: Leah Meston, Rebecca Ineson, Stacy Jaggar, Tim Swingler and Mohammed Saghir.

More specifically, the aforementioned half-dozen are enrolled in a 12-month apprenticeship scheme which involves tuition during work hours as well as studying for a Level 3 NVQ and CII certificate.

Joanne Allot, meanwhile is working towards a Level 3 NVQ in Customer Services (a new concept we are thinking of introducing here at Bankstone), also over 12 months under the aegis of Park Lane College.

Finally, Cara Lutz and Charlotte Gilchrist are both bearing down steely-eyed on a Level 2 in Business Administration (ditto) at The Huddersfield National Business College. The pair then intend working towards a Level 3 in Customer Service.


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