Bankstone has consistently proved itself among the UK’s most fertile outsourced claims providers. In the past three years alone, Bankstone staff have produced no fewer than seven bouncing babies.

Though equivalent figures for per capita productivity at other comparable organisations were not available at the time of going to press, Bankstone is confident of claiming its place among the most fecund of firms.

Proud parents include Helen Payne, Helen Marsden, Lisa Geleziunas, Libbi Bowers, Becky Ineson, Jade Laverty and Wing Commander Phil Webb. Readers should refrain from leaping to unworthy conclusions based on the inclusion of six females and just one male in the above list. Congratulations to all of them and their respective other halves.

Those of you eagerly anticipating the arrival of news on Bankstone’s performance at last week’s Insurance Endurance karting event need remain on the figurative edge of your seats for one week longer while we gather supporting photographic evidence.


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