A special two-part report this week from Bankstone News’ London Bureau. Part one (you’re reading it) is in hackles-well-and-truly raised mode over the latest motor-vehicle-related slur on the capital’s decent law-abiding people.

Some Milton-Keynes-based outfit going by the name of Motor Insurers’ Bureau claims Londoners aren’t insuring their motors as per Her Majesty’s law of the land. Outrageous, mate.

As if that didn’t take the biscuit all on its tobler, these mugs expect us to Adam that Londoners are less insured that Scousers. And they reckon they’ve got the rivers to back it up too.

Thirteen per cent of Londoners, they claim, leave out all that motor insurance malarkey, compared with 12% of Merseysiders. Now how can that be right? And what’s this: just 10% in Manchester, and 7% in West Yorkshire? What a load of old nonsense.

But while we’re reporting the Roys, you may as well know that the MIB claims 1.7 million people across this fair land didn’t bother buying insurance in 2008, and that 500 uninsured motors get Ritchied every day of the week.

Credible witness? From the home of concrete cows, right-angle roads, sell-out MK Dons, and the UK’s oldest (most obsolete) cable TV network? Do us a favour!


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