Earlier this week The Sun reported the tragic tale of Angry Derek Lyon whose treasured Honda Civic was crushed in a case of mistaken identity.

ADL intends to sue police after he was mistaken for a banned drink-driver, arrested, held in a police cell for four hours, and subsequently told his car had been crushed when he could not afford to pay for its release.

ADL, who lost his job and contact with his children as a result of having no car, told Sun reporters: “It doesn’t sound much, but the car was mine, I owned it for three years and now I’m left with nothing.”

The incident occurred in July and it was not until this week that Dundee Sheriff Court accepted his plea of not guilty to driving while disqualified and without insurance and the authorities agreed that he had been confused with an Aberdeen driver of the same name.

Sadly, drink driving seems increasingly prevalent these days to the extent that one law firm now brazenly advertises its predilection for this vile vice and offers assistance to fellow law-breakers. The following advertisement appeared alongside the Angry Derek Lyon story in the Sun’s digital edition (see item 2):

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