In street parlance, you are frontin’ if you attempt to impress someone by pretending to be something you are not.

In insurance parlance, you are frontin’ if you attempt to save money by naming a child as second driver on your motor policy when they are really the main driver.

OK, you knew that already. But did you also know (You did? You read it in a proper insurance news publication? Oh well, space to fill here, Folks) that the average age of children on their parent’s motor policies is now 31?!

Assuming quite a few of those on their parent’s policies are in their teens or early twenties, there must be a good few 40 or 50 year-old “children” dragging up that average.

According to “new research” from, one in ten car insurance policies includes a child as an additional named driver. While some of these 2.5 million offspring may indeed be only occasional users of the parental vehicle, others may safely be assumed to be up to something rather more nefarious.

Switch man Mark Monteiro says “Not only are hard-up ‘kidults’ living at home longer, but they are hanging around on their parents’ insurance policies for longer too. It is illegal to buy and register a car in your own name, but falsely tell the insurer that a parent is the main driver.

“The penalties for being caught could be severe. A new driver could be treated as uninsured, be fined heavily and receive six penalty points – resulting in an automatic ban and setting them up for higher insurance costs in the future.”


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