In the same way that a even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, even Bankstone News will occasionally tell you something worth knowing. This week, for instance, we bring you practical guidance on keeping your head properly attached to the rest of your body.

Let’s face it, our heads are a key part of what makes us who we are. It’s a bit like that TV ad for private health insurance a few years back that said something like “You’re amazing. We want to keep you paying us regular monthly premiums.” With so few readers as it is, Bankstone News really wants to keep you properly connected head-wise.

Anyway, the point is: only 6% of drivers a) know how to adjust their headrests – sorry, head restraints – properly and b) actually bother to do so from time to time. This health and safety bombshell was unleashed this week from the groaning undercarriage of a craft jointly piloted by Direct Line and Brake.

Their survey found that two out of three drivers don’t know how to position their head restraints correctly, with many wrongly supposing they are meant to be level with neck and ears.

Only one in three knew that the top of the restraint should be level with the top of the head to stop backward hyper-extension. This is quite important to know as wrongly positioned head restraint can play a role somewhat analogous to that of the bent knee against which campfire builders idly snap slender sticks and branches.

“Incorrect head restraints result in death, permanent disability and, in more minor cases, excruciating back and neck pain,” said Mary Williams chief exec of Brake. “Yet it only takes a couple of seconds to check and adjust your restraint and those of other occupants of your vehicle.”

To clarify: the tops of head restraints should be level with the tops of the occupants’ heads; they should be as close as possible to the backs of said heads (ideally touching) and should be securely fastened. Above all, however, they should be finished in midnight-blue plush velour and have in-car DVD player screens and stereo speakers fitted.


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