“This nation’s automotive heritage is quite literally being thrown on the scrap heap,” warns Forsythe De’tol Life President and Founder of Vintage Autos Group.

Yet another dark facet to the Government’s scrappage scheme was recently revealed when Chelmsford dealer Bill Cook rescued a classic 1967 Rose Taupe 1098cc Morris Minor Traveller from the very jaws of the crusher after its cash-strapped owner traded it in for a measly £2k.

To save the woody from its cruel fate, Cook paid the scrappage allowance out of his own pocket. Now he’s auctioning it in aid of Children In Need. The auction ends shortly after 3pm today (271109).

The 1098cc Morris Minor Traveller is an estate model which famously mimicked classic American cars with its wood-framed rear end.

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Forsythe De’tol was not available for comment.


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