A succession of long dark nights briefly punctuated by a few fleeting hours of feeble daylight are hardly calculated to raise the spirits. No amount of Christmas lights can disguise the fact that sunlight’s in short supply around this time of year.

But fear not: the Winter Solstice is just days away. As of Monday December 21st, the nights start drawing out again and the summer beckons from afar. But first you’ll have to survive… Black Saturday!

Whatever else you do, warns Virgin Money Car Insurance, for God’s sake leave the car at home on 19 December!

Precisely why, you may ask. Is this some shabby ruse designed to avoid paying out claims for one day at least this year?

No indeed. VMCI’s alert is actuated by nothing other than the purest altruism.

For Saturday December 19 is “the most dangerous day of the month” for drivers!

“As the pressures of the festive season mount,” VMCI claim, “claims are up around 40%” on the last Saturday before Christmas, with both accidents and thefts peaking due to the “late shopping rush.”

If you’re unhappy at the thought of missing out on time behind the wheel three Saturdays hence, again fear not: VMCI have the answer. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are the safest days of the year on Britain’s roads – so you can get out then and drive to your heart’s content.

Vumkey spokesman Grant Bather has a nice line in vaguely threatening punmanship: “Christmas is a time for giving, but maybe drivers should be giving the car a miss on December 19th – if they want to keep their no-claims bonus.”


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