Yes it’s true: the long awaited rushes of this year’s Monkey Moviestars epic charity fundraising event are now available to view on webthing YouTube. To catch all the action (warning: strong language, adult themes and nudity from the start) simply click here.

Last month Bankstone’s Dickon Tysoe was at the Yorkshire Ambulance’s Annual Recognition Awards at Rudding Park in Harrogate in front of 180 people including local celebrities Dickie Bird, Martyn Moxon, Gaynor Barnes and Jon Mitchell to collect the Corporate Award for Bankstone in recognition of its support for the life-saving charity.

Was it with a sense of unreserved pride that Dickon strode back to his seat with the warm applause still ringing in his ears? Was it b*ggery!

It’s all very well dozens of grizzled insurance people spending a weekend haring round Yorkshire film locations on laughably undersized motorbikes – click here for the evidence – but where are all your blo*dy donations, you rotten skinflints?

Less than £2k of Bankstone’s £10k target for the 2009 event has so far rolled in, and that simply isn’t good enough. Christmas is a time for giving. So get yourselves to Just Giving (click on the link to the left) and start bl*omin’ well giving!


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