Scarily-old people may soon outnumber the rest of us ten to one. But if they think they’re getting it all their own way, they’ve got another thing coming.

Hot on the heels of the savage backlash against death-driving old dears (see previous story), road safety charity Brake is calling for compulsory annual re-testing of the over 70s.

The jauntily named ‘fit to drive’ initiative would involve “professionals” checking whether wrinklies can perform mission-critical driving tasks such as seeing and hearing – and whether they’re liable to keel over at the wheel.

Brake woman Cathy Keeler said:

– the current system whereby septegenarians self-certify every three years “isn’t good enough,”

– everyone should be re-tested every five years – as health problems can arise at any age,

– “drivers who have a high risk of heart attack or fainting fits must not be allowed behind the wheel,”

– there should be a legal maximum driving age.

Come to think of it, human beings are kind of fallible. Maybe driving’s best left to robots or something.

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