Given that Bankstone News’ theme this week is stupidly long first sentences, you will no doubt be delighted to learn that, in a week when reported that motor premiums had increased by 6.3% in the fourth quarter of last year, when RIAS launched a policy protecting against the risk of MOT failure, when monkeysupermarket claimed that males under 26 accounted for 60% of all convictions for driving uninsured, when Direct Line said 69% of UK motorists want tougher penalties for those caught driving whilst using a mobile phone, when the first person charged for causing death while uninsured escaped a prison sentence, when AXA reported total revenues down 3% and a combined ratio of more than 102%, when Accident Exchange cut 270 jobs, when footballer Dean Ashton claimed for a career ending tackle that didn’t end his career, when Aura Motor Claims Survey revealed, implausibly, that almost 90% of UK people are satisfied with their motor claims service, and when Questgates “snapped up” Teceris, Sir Dickon of Tysoe, Dickey Snoots to his friends, returned triumphantly from Monday’s Insurance Age roundtable in Manchester (“nice offices, great lunch,” he noted of hosts Ecclesiastical) with, if not – as Bankstone News, perhaps incautiously, suggested in an earlier story on this topic – the truth, then at least an entertaining story related by one of his fellow delegates about carjackers in Dublin tossing live rats through open sun roofs to encourage the precipitate exit of vehicle occupants. No second sentence in this story – sorry.


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