Just 2% of drivers have got what it takes to post on Facebook while driving.

According to a new survey by satnavs-to-lady-bikes outlet Halfords, nearly a third of drivers claim to read texts while driving. Almost one in five say they send texts at the wheel. One in 20 looks at Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. But few will admit to posting social media status updates or emailing.

Given survey respondents’ habitual self-serving economy with the veracité, the true figures are probably higher. Only a third admitted to using their mobiles while driving, but more than half were happy to dob-in fellow motorists, claiming that they had ‘been a passenger in a car when the driver has made or received a phone call.’

Never fear, though, Halfords have an answer (or the answer, they claim) to all this irresponsible in-car digitation:

”It seems there is still some way to go to ensure drivers use mobile phones legally and drive with due care and attention,” their spokesperson said. “The only way to do this is by installing a hands-free device in your car.”

Hands-free devices sound like a great idea – but where can we get one? Simple: just check www.halfords.co.ck for details of your nearest store. Maybe pull over first though, eh?


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