The “team of insurance professionals and car enthusiasts” at clearly aren’t too bothered about staying on the right side of the law. Not in Scotland anyway.

Oblivious to the risk of bringing the curse of (Hamish) MacBeth down upon their heads, the comparison site has issued a press release savagely lambasting the allegedly inadequate driving skills of Scotland’s police forces.

“Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of motor insurance claims have been made in recent months due to Scottish Police officers who have crashed their vehicles into walls, trees, and parked cars,” they claim.

Scotcops have been involved in 1,216 road accidents between January 1st 2008 and January 25th 2010, the comparers claim. For an organisation supposedly in the business of comparison, however, they have nothing to add on the subject of how these “staggering” figures might compare with those for police forces in England, Wales, or Nigeria for instance.

“Bizarrely,” they report very few of these claims related to 999 call-outs. And, shockingly, one officer apparently caused £229 worth of damage reversing into an overhanging branch and another “inexplicably struck and damaged a barrier, creating a further motor insurance claim for £404.”

Showing off their uncanny powers of seeing into the past, “Strathclyde Police predict that around £700,000 worth of repairs have been made to police vehicles that have been in accidents NOT involving third party vehicles or pedestrians,” the comparison firm reports. go on to argue that what these “staggering statistics” show is that people should be sure of checking over 50 insurers on a single comparison site to make sure they get a competitive quote for their car insurance.

And if you are planning to visit Scotland – or indeed if you have the bitter misfortune of living in that benighted northern fastness – watch out for those crash-crazy north-of-border cops and their outrageous reversing-into-overhanging-branch-type antics.


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