What has become of our young ladyfolk? First they match their male peers drink for drink, now it seems they’ll soon be paying the same astronomical motor insurance premiums.

The latest EMB Car Insurance Price Index shows that premiums for ladypersons between 21 and 35 years of age are rising significantly faster than those for any other section of the population.

“The ladies have had it too easy for too long,” comments Arthur Vale of Premiere Motor Solutions. “You seem them round here tearing up and down, ten to a car, semi-naked, bellyful of alcopops, texting, chatting, applying the lippy. Accident waiting to happen, mate.”

“In pure monetary terms,” add EMB partners Peters and Lee, “younger females still pay less, and younger females cost insurers less overall in claims than younger men. But the recent lager increases affecting women suggest that many insurers are narrowing this price differential between the sexes at younger ages.”

Exactly how young these insurers are when they narrow the price differential is not specified, but it’s surely a sign of things to come.

Overall, EMB found that car insurance premiums have risen by around 14.3% in the past year, from £458 to £524. And with claims costs on the rise, they warn, the upward trend could well continue.


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