“It is a joke. I’m not bothered. I knew I’d get three points,” shrugged Paul Railton, 23, of County Durham. “I might save myself some money not having a car,” he observed laconically. after being disqualified for six months thanks to nine previous points.

According to Associated Press reports, Railton’s offence involved ‘walking’ his dog whilst driving a Nissan Navara down a country lane in County Durham. At his hearing Railton was accused of hanging onto the dog’s lead through the driver window” whilst proceeding at 5mph, and consequently not being in full control of his vehicle. On being found guilty, he was fined £66 and ordered to pay £43 costs and a legal surcharge of £15.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA told Bankstone News: “Sorry Love, they’re closed now. Try calling back in the morning.”


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