Circulate this email widely, said the email. As our regular reader will know, ‘wide circulation’ is our middle name here at Bankstone News. So here goes.

An anonymous email currently doing the rounds claims committers of traffic offences can avoid getting points on their licences, thanks to an unmoderated systems glitch at the enforcers’ end.

“Pay your fine,” the email urges irresponsibly, “but NO POINTS DEDUCTED!”

If you receive a fixed penalty notice that entails a points deduction, the email claims, the payment part has to be processed first, before the deducting-points part. So if you overpay the fine by £1 and never cash the refund cheque, the letter asking you to send in your licence for endorsement will never be sent – and hence the points will never be applied.

Is it all a hoax? Perhaps you can tell us.

Please email us with any one (or more) of the long potential list of reasons why this is obviously complete b>ll>cks at [email protected].

In the meantime, please continue to obey both the letter and the spirit of the law with your usual punctilious assiduity.


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