I lost £20m of unsightly debt in just three months, claims Martin Ward of Bath, UK. Now you too can watch those pounds fall away thanks to the easy-to-follow Helphire Plan.

Shamed by your vast fleet of underutilised vehicles? Excess debtage sapping your confidence? Learn how one West Country credit hire firm shed £8.8m of working capital in just three months.

We’re not done yet, says newly svelte firm

Helphire plans to cut a further £100m of working capital by June, bringing the prospect of soon having precisely zero working capital alluringly into view.

The firm has also succeeded in cutting case volumes to 38,867 (18.4% below the comparable period in 2009) and hire days to 932,398 (8.7% down on the same period last year).

Explaining how his firm will benefit, group managing director Martin Ward said: “The benefits from the restructuring plan are self evident.”

Evoking bittersweet memories of recently deceased slurring jazz-lite troubadour John Martyn, Ward went on to claim that the group is making “solid progress.”


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