Like John Terry and Wayne Bridge (had the latter not hit on a cunning plan to avoid not being picked to travel to South Africa), footballers and road safety make uneasy bedfellows.

Christiano Ronaldo may be good at taking corners on the football pitch, but he’s clearly not that great at taking corners in his Ferrari!!! On hilarious puns like these is built a new awareness scheme for young drivers co-launched by fellow frogs Arsenal Wenger and Citroën.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is also involved in what is described as a “driving programme aimed at increasing player safety behind the wheel.” Various Arsenal reserve players have taken a break from their PS3s to complete an IAM Drive and Survive risk assessment, attended some kind of seminar, then driven around a bit in the lovely new Citroën DS3.

“As a club we invest a lot of time in the education of our players, and continuing their development off the pitch is equally important,” Wenger deadpanned, neglecting to mention the additional benefits of not having that investment written off in yet another super-car smash-up and drumming up some much needed extra cash from sponsorship tie ups with Gallic motor manufacturers.

Citroën UK communications director Mark Raven adds “The reserve team are the future of Arsenal Football Club. We hope the driving programme has reduced the chances of the squad becoming part of the worrying statistic.”

Which worrying statistic is that? you may ask. Something to do with young people failing to complete the double of both driving and surviving, we think.


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