From the point of view of brevity, the Association of Chief Police Officer’s Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service’s preferred acronym AVCIS is marginally better than logical alternative ACPOVCIS, but not quite as good as AVIS – as we shall see.

As you will doubtless be aware, this week – 17th to 23rd May – is National Car Crime Week, AVCIS’ annual reminder to motorists that they could soon become victims of car crime if they don’t look out.

“From car theft to cloning, finance fraud to trafficking,” they warn, vehicle crime is out to get you. Be vigilant, they suggest, keep your car keys out of sight and avoid doing things that will make it easier for villains to swipe your motor.

Eager to trade on their near-identical monikers, car rental outfit AVIS have generously “shown their support” for National Car Crime Week by providing a checklist of car security do’s and don’ts in the news section of their website.

Bankstone News is seriously considering doing something similar – but first a word from AVIS.

AVIS UK Security Manager Robert Donovan says Car Crime Week is “a great initiative. As a former policeman,” he continues, “I’ve too often encountered car crimes that could be avoided.” Drivers should be alert, he claims.

AVIS’ top five tips are as follows:

1. Lock the car when you leave it
2. If you rent or – if you must – own a satnav system, don’t leave the fittings in the car and wipe away any markings on the windscreen
3. In fact, never leave anything in your car – especially not anything electrical, because “criminals have devices which tell them exactly what is in your car”
4. Always leave your car in a safe area
5. Keep your car locked when you are driving – otherwise thieves will steal things out of the back, or get in and carjack you, or something, when you are “sat in traffic.”

Don’t have nightmares!


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