Carole Nash has a new face, and, confusingly, it appears to be a male face – with a beard!

In fact the new face of Carole Nash looks suspiciously like the old face of Ewan McGregor’s mate Charley Boorman.

Aside from spelling his name like a girl, Boorman, famous for being friends with Ewan McGregor, is very much all male. He must be, because he’s hairy and he likes bikes.

Now Boorman – a friend of actor Ewan McGregor – will represent Carole Nash at motorcycle shows and write a fortnightly blog for their website.

Excitingly, Carole Nash customers will now have the opportunity to purchase books and DVDs featuring Boorman – a friend of Scottish actor Ewan McGregor – at a discount, without even waiting for them to be remaindered!

“As a vocal and high profile supporter of biking and bikers, Charley is the ideal ambassador for Carole Nash,” said head of marketing, Rebecca Donohue. “Sadly, we couldn’t afford his more charismatic friend Ewan McGregor,” she tactfully refrained from adding.


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