Bankstone and friends are gearing up again for this year’s charity monkey bike odyssey which takes place over the weekend of 10th/11th July.

Yes. It’s that time of year again when Bankstone gets a hankerin’ for saddling up on tiny bikes and tooling round the hills and dales of Yorkshire to raise money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA).

Last year’s Monkey Moviestars concept – see video evidence – was a runaway success in every conceivable respect other than actually raising any ******* money. Cue radical re-think.

This year we’re getting serious. No more Mssrs Nice Guy. The fun and games of last year’s Monkey Moviestars concept is firmly back in mothballs, bubblewrapped and on ice too, just to be sure.

Yes, this time – sure as Heinz meanz beanz – Bankstone means business. Monkey Business to be precise.

Our cunning plan for making some proper money to keep Yorkshire Ambulance saving lives goes like this:

Forget the glamorous film locations – this year we’re visiting real live motorcycle-related businesses the length and breadth of Yorkshire to fleece them good and properly for charity.

Forget, also, dressing up in funny costumes – apart, possibly, from Bernie The Bear – and think instead, not of what Monkey Business can do for you, but of what you can do for Monkey Business.

We’re seeking 10 bike-related businesses around Yorkshire to play host to our traveling troupe of monkeybikers. We’ve already found five – in Harrogate, Northallerton, York and – inevitably – Brighouse. But we need five more.

So, if your business has some connection – however tenuous – with bikes, please let us know – particularly if you’re somewhere far flung, accessible only via scenic routes o’er hill and dale – or somewhere near the sea, or something.

We’re offering lashings of positive publicity and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something decent for once in your miserable lives. In return, all you need do is play host briefly to a bunch of idiots on monkeybikes and come up with some readies for YAA.

Current stops-offs include the premises of a motorcycle hire business, a motorcycle salvage business, a motorcycle accident repair centre, a motorcycle insurance broker, and a motorcycle breakdown and recovery business. If you’re something like a motorcycle butcher, a motorcycle chemist or a motorcycle barbershop – you too could join this prestigious line up. If you know any businesses who might fit the bill, please let us know!

Of course, we’re also looking for riders, support crews, corporate sponsors, collection tin shakers, and general hangers on as usual. So if you’re interested in getting involved please email Dickon Tysoe. And don’t hang about – there’s barely six weeks to go.

And because we’re deadly serious about hitting our £10k charity target, this year we’re asking all riders to donate £75 each to YAA or commit to raising at least £150 in sponsorship.

Incidentally – if you don’t already own a monkeybike – and why would you – we can help you fill this void in your life. Easy Rider have once again stepped in to offer hot-off-the-production-line new-in-the-uk 125cc Monkeys at the stupifyingly low price of just £600.

Let us know as soon as possible we can get your bikes badged-up in your corporate livery and delivered pre-event.


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