Motorists must check their cars before driving around in them, insurance providers Swinton have insisted.

“We urge all motorists to perform safety checks on their vehicles before embarking on a journey,” insist Swinton, speaking though a metaphorical megaphone.

Why should motorists do this? “Not only to reduce the risk of car insurance claims as a result of accidents, or the inconvenience of breaking down, but also to save on petrol,” say Swinton.

“Many drivers,” Swinton claim, “don’t realise that things like incorrect tyre pressure can increase fuel consumption.” It’s enough to make you wonder why anyone would insure these idiots.

Before driving, Swinton urge, drivers should check: brakes, clutch, and power steering fluids, oil and coolant levels, windscreen, windows, mirrors, screenwash reservoir, tyre pressure, up to date service history etc.

Excellent advice.

Swinton have also discovered that petrol costs more this year than it did last year.


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