Accrdng 2 Insurance Tyms dis wk, d MoJ S mntring clAms frmrz dat txt axidnt victims:

D Min of justis S invSTg8n a * of frms sndg unsolictd txt msgs 2 consmrs prmting pRsNL axidnt svcs.

D MoJ S belevd 2hv rcvd a wlth of gripes ovr d growin * of organisations dat tRgt axidnt victims by promising 000s of lbs n compo. sum businesses r also belevd 2 goal consumers n an atmpt 2 gain secrty info n bnk Dtls, nown as a phishing scam.

A moj spokesman z: “All authrzd bizs r needed 2 follw strict rlz of conduct – includN rlz bout d wA n wich dey mkt their services.

“We wl l%k N2 Ny gripes bout businesses hu may B n breach of d rlz n taK suitable N4cmT axn f nSSRe.”


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