Hey, Audi owners: Big Brother Live not capturing your imagination like it did? Looking for a more intense reality hit? One where your car’s the star?

Looks like you got lucky: thanks to those inveterate technological innovators at Audi Repair Centres, you can now watch in real time as some bloke in an overall tinkers away at your pride and joy.

New ‘Audi Cam’ headsets affixed to repair centre workers’ foreheads give you a real-time POV on their every move.

* See your motor up close and personal like you’ve never seen it before – as highly skilled spannersmen literally take it apart and put it back together again.

* Chat live to Audi mechanics, offering helpful hints and tips as they politely attempt to ignore you and get on with their work.

* Chuckle as they forget to turn the thing off while ogling calendar girls, chomping through sandwiches, or taking a strenuous comfort break.

The aim, apparently, is to provide ‘full exposure’ to the investigative and corrective work undertaken, maximising ‘transparency’ and instilling even greater confidence in the legitimacy of each diagnosis and the quality of workmanship.

“We want to ensure that everyone who entrusts their Audi to us for servicing and repairs knows exactly where they stand and exactly what to expect,” chunters Audi bloke Jeremy Hicks.

Like all great business innovations, Audi’s breakthrough is sure to spawn imitators. By complete coincidence, Bankstone News’ own bikini carwash centre will shortly begin offering a very similar service.


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