If you own a car and you’re thinking of taking it to London – stop immediately. Go to Merseyside instead, where St Helens has been voted the UK’s most car-friendly town. Your vehicle will have a much better time there – but watch out for that volcano!

Whilst full of praise for the home of TV’s Johnny Vegas, Virgin Money’s team of expert rankers reckon London is the UK’s most car-hostile urban centre. Their rankings take account of things like petrol prices, parking availability and cost, traffic congestion and speed camera density.

It seems the capital’s 600 speed cameras cost it dear in Virgin Money’s survey of 65 UK towns and cities. But surely speed cameras are only looking out for the best interests of their friends the cars, by discouraging their owners from driving them too fast.

Other allegedly car-unfriendly locations include Manchester, Reading, Glasgow and Watford. If you don’t want your car to feel unwelcome, best steer clear of them as well.

Grant Bother, of Virgin Money Car Insurance claims: “Everyone will have their own definition of driving hell – whether it is hunting for a parking space, being stuck in a traffic jam, or being caught by a speed camera. Our research attempts to show which cities and towns are best and worst for drivers.”

Hang on – wasn’t this about cars, not drivers?


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