Fresh back from the Leuka Mini Masters charity golf event at Dukes Meadow, Bankstone’s Dickon Tysoe relates how one wag risked the ire of the event’s main sponsor, by noting that he’d known nothing about Bing until he Googled it.

Has Dickon picked up any tips on how to run a charity event? You’ll have to wait til 18th and 19th September to find out, when Bankstone’s fleet of mini motorbikes rides out in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Be that as it may, nothing chagrined by the cruel omital of any wooden spoon award, new course record holder Mr Tysoe reports an excellent time being had by all, admist valuable fund raising, obviously, for the Hammersmith Hosptial-based leukaemia charity.

After rubbing elbows with various celebrities, Mr Tysoe offers the arresting observation that – uncannily – hardman Ashes to Ashes star Philip Glennister is exactly the same height in real life as he appears on TV. Who would have thought it?


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