Parisian student Zoé Renault is less than keen to achieve the distinction of sharing her name with an electric car. So much so that she’s hired a lawyer to dissuade the French car manufacturer from launching its latest concept car with the name Zoé, as currently envisaged.

In a bid to avoid the fate of other bisyllabic Frogettes with names like Mégane and Clio, The Guardian newspaper claims, Ms Renault has contacted “a lawyer specialising in the protection of first names.”

David Koubbi (for it is he) argues that none of France’s 30,000 Zoés is likely to appreciate sharing their name with an electric supermini and has contacted Renault arguing that their plans “constitute an attack on the rights of his clients.”

Zoé Renault told Le Parisien “It would be intolerable for me to hear ‘the Zoé has broken down’, ‘we have to get the Zoé serviced,’ or ‘so and so killed themselves in a Zoé.’”

Paul McGann was not available for comment.


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